The house sessions in the Tigin Liath began with friends, neighbours, local musicians and dancers getting together to have some craic. And it was just that. It began on a winter's afternoon, sixteen of us gathered together in our little kitchen, there were good tunes, songs, stories and chat and there was space for a dance set. Everyone's participation is what created such a magical time





Recently a group of nine French musicians and some of their family members visited Sligo (twenty altogether) and we had a fine time accompaning them to see some of the sights in our area, Carrowkeel and keash . We also brought them to sessions in the locality. But the highlight for us was the wonderful picnic (indoors due to the weather) which we had in our kitchen followed by three hours of music song and dance. There was no language barrier, when the two traditions were combined.





Last week Sophie, a musician friend from France visited with four Breton musicians, and once again the house was enchanted by the sound of new tunes being learned in the kitchen, old ones relearned in the hall, and outside in the garden even the birds seemed to be charmed from the trees and were joining in with enthusiasm.



Annabel and Jean Pierre