Jimmy Noctor's Compositions


Since 1991 I have composed a few tunes. Each one inspired by a particular event. I notice now when I play some of them they may have changed slightly. A couple of them have been recorded by fellow Musicians. I also have the abc files ready for download. Feel free to use them, just drop me an email first if you wish to record them


BRIDGET WATERS **  jig 15/6/91 Bridget Waters was my grandmother and lived in south east Wexford. She taught me my first tunes on the box melodeon style Traditional music kept her alive. She would travel anywhere to hear a tune. After she died I composed this tune in her memory. It was the first of my compositions. Every time i play it i see her sitting there saying "in on the fourth out on the fifth....."

THE BIN FELL OFF THE DOOR 15/8/91 This was my first effort at composing a reel. It was composed in Wicklow during a weekend trip to Redcross

FAUN REEL    28/12/92 I started composing this tune in Dingle Co Kerry a few years ago and I still have not finished it. I think it may be this year!!

NOEL MC GARRYS JIGS ** 20/10/94 Noel was a banjo player and singer from Leitrim. He was great fun to have at the sessions in and around the Naul and when he died suddenly othe 4th of June 1994 he left a huge gap in the traditional music scene in the local area . The second tune The Lambay boatman is also composed for Noel, by Johnny my brother and both tunes were played in the Naul at the usual Wednesday sessions during the ninety's

WILLIE KANES REEL ** 20/4/95 It was at a set dancing weekend in Ballyvaughan Co. Clare that I first met Willie Kane . I got the opportunity to play a few tunes for him. He liked them played nice and steady so I put this tune together on the melodeon.

MICKS MAGIC FEET ** reel 1/12/94 Mick Mulkerrins, a great Sean nos and set dancer . He is another one who adds a touch of magic to any session I composed this one for him after a trip to the Willie Clancy week

JAMESI BYRNES WALTZ ** 1995 James was an eighty six year old man when we composed this tune . He loved Irish music and since the session started in the Naul10 years earlier had supported it. He was a great man to encourage musicians,and was always the one to applaud at the end of the set.

FIVE POUND NOTE.** jig 1/11/95.. This little jig was put together after one of the Seamus Ennis weekends. Its for the Seamus Ennis organisers fair play to ye...

HORNPIPE . 1996 My brother John also a box player arrived to the session one night and proceeded to play this tune

BILLY MC COMISKEYS 26/3/96 I made this up a few years ago and had no title for it . So having met Billy at the Seamus Ennis weekend I had the title.

HASTE TO KILFENORA ** reel 6/5/95 This one I composed for our wedding in Kilfenora in 1995 Mick Mulkerrins likes to dance to this one I normally play it as a slow reel for him. .....It is always for Mary Maxwell who was the inspiration for it.....

THE BRASS TAPS** reel 9/11/96 This melodeon tune was composed after a session with Johnny Connolly the master melodeon player. We were looking for a set of taps and Johnny knew where to find them.

THE NEPHEW.jig **3/12/96 Pierce Brosnan was filming the Nephew in Roundwood Co. Wicklow and the Ballyboughal Mummers were taking part as extras , so after a few long days of hanging about this is the result.

WILLIES Fortune  H/P** 14/8/9 My uncle had a bit of luck, and came into some money. The first thing he bought was a brand new accordion followed by a new peaked cap. Initially I named this tune as above but in hindsight I think I might call it Willies Misfortune. I play it as a hornpipe.

TANZANIAN REEL ** 24/2/97 A trip to Africa last March inspired this one.

LIMESTONE HOUSE jig **5/7/97 While building our house in the west of Ireland this summer I "constructed " this jig.

FINGAL BUCKS 7/8/96** Fingal is the name of the area in which I was living and there you can find all the bucks!!!! Thursday nights in O Connors pub you can't beat it...but all things change

ANY GATE WILL DO ** jig 27/3/96 Mary got short taken on a return journey from Clare some time ago and Mick gave us the title for this one.

FUAIM ON AILL ** Air 1999 ( sound from the cliff). Aill is the Irish word for Naul village. It was the first slow air that I composed.

UP NAUL HILL ** slide 5/11/95 Do you know this hill out of the Naul? Home to our music session for about 10 years. Great memories of Noel, Paul Swan Liam Timmons Kieran Reilly

DOWN NAUL HILL ** Double jig 1995 This is the same hill from the other direction! memories of a speeding morris minor and Gardai.

WALTZ FOR MAY **3/02/9 we had a surprise birthday party for May Maxwell a few years ago She is the most amazing person i have ever met. A fantastic outlook on life.

ROOFER HENCHY ** 28/6/94 John Henchy was helping us with the roof of the Limestone house so this is the result Magicfoot John

CLOONMEEN REEL ** 3/11/00 Its the name of a local townland Its is truly a wonderful place .The colours of the bogs the landscape ....its magical

FINAL TOUCH 16/8/99 ** Composed on the completion of the house. it took a while but we got there ..a great amount of experience to be had by undertaking such a project. What next?...demolition

AFTER EIGHT ** 17/10/99 Composed in West Virginia USA where I was lucky enough to spend some time. Thanks to my good friends Mick and Kathryn Barret

THE OLD GREEN GOOSE Jig Its a small real media zip file (video) I won`t even start on how this was named Oct. 02

SARAH'S REEL 24/4/01 ** Once in a while i have come across special people with a beautiful nature Sarah is one, and this tune is for her

ONEHEEL TOE AND DOWN ** Back to old and new slow reel may 2003

MAGIKEEN REEL ** It's a mystery how this happened 21st June 2003 Think it was the Sun

THE GREAT YEW TREE ** We went to Eardisland this year and met the most fantastic group of Morris dancers musicians and friends It was one of the best weeks I had away such friendly people.

THE SILENT MOONLIGHT 21/12/03** Slow airThis is my second slow air Some say moonlight has no sound ...but i think its just we dont always listen .. .Simply to stand and wonder at the beauty of the moon.... Gazing at her

THE HOWL IN THE HOLLOW 2/01/04 A few days in Wexford with some MAD people produced this Thanks Ray and Wendy Martin, Ronan ,Collett, Mairead, Dave Dorothy and Judy

JACKS ARRIVAL ** The birth of Johnnys son is the reason for this composed by the man himself.

THE FROGS HOP ** Just come across this one stashed away in my paperwork i had no name for it ..but this place keeps the frogs hopping

ROLLING IN THE MUCK** 1/02/04 Now let me see how do i explain this one ...something to do with Molly the most gentle one ....yes

UP ALL NIGHT . ....... Say no more another one of Johnny's


THE RAFT OF DREAMS      Composed in 2004 after launching a small model boat made from rushes in Mayo\

THE SUNDEW POLKA ** This one was composed in 2004 The sundew is a small plant i noticed while walking along a lakeshore in Mayo

SEMESTERSTANGT 21st june 05 (closed for the season) Reel composed in Northern Sweden where everything comes to a standstill at holiday time

ROBIN IN THE PARLOUR 14th feb 06 A little visitor came to welcome me to Gurteen.

CORNCRAKE IN THE GRASS ......15th may 06 A Visit to Inishbofin to hear the corncrake on a very wet day. I did get to hear him but no sight of the elusive bird but had a mighty few days there

FLING .. This one came to me as we were driving to Dublin to play a ceili. I was playing a few tunes as we drove but quickly got the pen out to transcribe this one

MOLLYS TWOSTEP Jan2007.   Following a visit to the straw bear festival in Whittlesea Uk

BRID'S FIRE      Composed at Imbolg 2007

BRIDS DISCOVERY   February 2007 Onlythe Snowdrops are showing through the latest heavy snows..

DESCENT FROM  MT BLANC Sept 07 **     After a beautiful walk down from the glacier


WINDS OF CHANGE  2007 A big wind blew down our wind turbine It turned out it was for the better as we have made it much stronger since

HIGHLAND FROLICS    August 07    The highlands in Scotland after some time climbing Munros A visit from Sarah added some magic, and a few Mc Donalds.


JIMMYS BONNET   May 08.  Mon ami Jean Claude from normandy composed this for me after i gave him Jean Claudes tie.


DERRNABROC JIG  25 fEBRUARY 08         A very stormy day, sitting by the fire brought this one to mind, the whole tune took  fifteen minutes to put together.


JEAN CLAUDES TIE..** April 08. This one came about after a great weeks music and craic with a group of French musicians Jean Claude himself a mighty player arrived to the session with his latest purchase a nice wee Donegal tweed tie. This got quiet a lot of attention in the session So the next morning this little tune arrived in my head its title says it all


DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS.    Dec 08 St stephens day walk in the shaskeen bog inspired this tune It was five years since my last walk here and its amazing how fast the trees have grown.


MONICAS KITCHEN.  4/1/ 2009. First tune of the year, after spending time cutting up firewood, i did think to call it a bundle of sticks.


THE STONE WALL  16/2/2009   Building a new home for rosie, we found a stone with writing on it when we modified the old house here It was beside the fireplace on an inside wall at ground level its dated either 1883 or 1683, its hard to make it out.

THE PIKES ARE WAITING   18/5/2009      Some of the Breton visitors decided to go fishing for pike, so in the auld meantime I composed this little jig. 


LE TONNLIER.      7/12/09    After spending Some time in Bulle Switzerland this tune  arrived


TA AN SNEACHTA AG TEACHT     2009         A follow on tune after the Swiss visits

 GENTLE ONE **     05/2009    My latest tune This one is diffrent as its for the Piano I play it in A minor or B flat. It also has words here. It's for all the gentle people i have met on this magical journey. 


JOHNNY'S STORY   2010 Many's the beautiful time we shared with Johnny Carroll from Cloonacool, he was a blind poet who new what life was about, he loved music sso much and loved to tell a good story, this ones for him.


SNOWBOUND   December 2010     After the heaviest Snowfall for many years, being confined indoors to watch the magic unfold outside brought this tune about.

WAKING UP IN THE LONG GRASS June 2010 Weasel lane is a place near Enniscrone and Easky. Judy awoke froma dream of walking in a long grass meadow,this was after a few days in the Camper heading for a gig in Aughris.


LUGHNASADH WALTZ 1/8/2011  After a very wet year it was wonderfull to light and sit around the outdoor fire to celebrate Lughnasadh. One beautiful night

CHAISING RAINBOWS   Jan 2012   After spending a week  bringing love to a once treasured home, now sadly empty.


THE SEARCH FOR THE HAWTHORN 2/5/13.   Sarah has left a small gift for us at Carrowkeel under a hawthorn tree, after many hours of searching we did not find the elusive gift. More searching is required.


HAPPY MONDAY'S  21/10/13    This one is to celebrate Ted McGowans life and pub, it is played with Teds tuesday's.


TED'S TUESDAY'S    4TH 2014     This the follow on to Happy monday's, i decided to write a tune for each week day.


WEDNESDAY WISHES 14/4/2014   .....


THURSDAYS HERMITS. 28/4/14   We are enjoying being part of the Hermit Collective, this ones for Jess and the crew.


FRIDAY'S EXPECTATIONS   6/7/2014    After a walk along the Royal Canal to Maynooth. We started the walk on Friday 20th, a midsummer walk with no expectations.




LAST SUMMER SUNDAY  31/8/2014     The last of the seven weekday tunes


SNIPE IN THE HAWTHORN  3/1/15     The first walk of the new year, we startled a Snipe who was resting at the butt of a Hawthorn tree on the Land, Namaste my friend.


TRIP TO CROZON  16/5/2015        Composed after a visit to Crozon in Brittany for 10 day.


THE FIRST NIGHT 28/11/2015    Storm Clodagh arrived to christine our first night in the newly built roundhouse, all survived.

STIRRING THE CHRISTMAS PUDDING 12/12/2015    Its that time of year stirring the pudding in mams house.    


THE OWL'D BOX  13/3/2016     Barn Owls are becoming scarce, se we built a nesting box for them  We have seen the odd one around so perhaps they may nest, its worth a try. Of course it could be aabot an old box, melodeon.


JUDY'S REEL  24/6/2016   This ones for Judy, who makes everything possible.


THE MORNING DIP     17/3/16   Waltz .  We are now a few years taking our morning river dip, its amazing what you can see on the way to the cool Dubh linn.



Underneath the stars you met me

Underneath the stars you left me
I wonder if the stars regret me
At least you'll go of your own free will

Go gently

Eyes bright
she watches me
with silent love
Powerful beyond belief
my love for her
as i wait for the magic
that is She....


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