A day in Sligo

Ah yes it's sunday morning, the day of rest we had a nice session last night (and a few pints). so it's an easy start. and only 11 am. So after a while i turn to my latest radio restoration, its an old pilot radio rom the early forties. It has been a tricky one to get going , but today it is receiving the voice of China. This particular radio was made in England in the mid forties and there was no schematic available for it, so it took much referral to similar circuits to figure out the valve line up etc, but with patience..it glows

Anyway as always after a night of tunes snippets of the night come into my head, i remember Noel saying something about Jimmy White the snooker player coming to town in the afternoon , sure i might as well go over and have a look, and better throw the box in the car....just in case. Sure enough the pub is full it's 3pm. Jimmy White is working his way through a long list of opponents including the local sargeant and there is a great buzz about the place Noel the flute player is getting into the mood for tunes so it's time to bring in the box soon we are joined by a fiddler and a drummer. A grand way to spend a Sunday afternoon












Jimmy White . and members of the local boxing club

Also today Sugar Ray Leonard the boxer is coming to town , we know he has arrived as the whole pub empties out to the car park on his arrival. Yes but can he play the kilavil jig i wonder...the music plays on and on.


He sure makes a great jobof the masons apron..Sugar Ray Leonard                      Evening session in Murrays

 So after all that excitment theres no stopping , theres an early evening session in Mayo with Joe Grady a piper and fiddle and flute player, i have been meaning to catch up with joe now for a while, and 15 minutes later we're in Gerry Murrays pub, a mighty place for a tune, Joe is joined by Katie on fiddle



  Jimmy Frain  Fiddle (86 years)                                  Josie Sheridan

 Well by now it's 8 45 The singer Sean Keane is in Roscommonso it's all into the van and away. Met some old friends in Spells including Pat Finn the ex liverpool Ceili band man, theres a session here tonight but i decide to go back to Sligo for the sailors home session..less distance to travel afterwards..








Sean Donegans Sailors home Gurteen..


clip6 34

Tom  Mc Gowan                                                              Noel Tansey  and jimmy Frain

Sean Donegan and Michael.. mighty hosts

 Well by now the tunes have been played , songs sung stories and yarns told and it's about time we went home. The head is buzzing with tunes, the boys of the lough, etc .etc.etc.

So the end of a great day, what a great place to be, and have the health to enjoy it.

Time to catch a Moonbeam...............