A visit to Switzerland  November 09

November 09

Its wednesday 25th and we have the usual traditional session in Edmondstown Co Roscommon Ireland . The usual craic dancers and singers ,all out for a fun night . But thios is a wednesday with a difference as we are heading to the airport in Dublin after the gig to fly to Switzerland for a few days music.

We have been very kindly invited by Hotel le Tonnlier in Bulle .


So its 1.30 am and we leave Roscommon to drive the 130 km to dublin, there has been heavy rain and much flooding in the west but by 4..30 we arrive at  the digs,  and  4 hours sleep later we are in the Airport ready for the adventure. The flight is good only taking  1 hour 40 minutes. There is a train station at Geneva airport, and it takes us minutes to board it and carry on our journey to  our first  stop, Neuchatel  its a   short journey  a little over an hour on a very smooth running train. We are greeted at the other end by Connor from the  Cafe du Cerf a musical pub /Restaurant in the Town center. We are treated to fine food here, with very friendly staff. Oh yes and guinness. As luck would have it there is a wine and whisky tasting  evening on in the streets so being Irish it's our duty to try  them, but soon its music time. We are joined by a mighty audience who quickly get involved in the craic and the night passes quickly. Caren the proprietor from The hotel le tonnlier has arrived to carry us to Bulle where  we will spend the rest of our visit. An hour later we are greeted by Charlie the Maitre d'hotel, a night of chocolate, stories, Guinness.

Next morning its a walkabout in the town, a very beautiful place , peacefull an quiet. We have noticed that there is a very pleasent pace of life here , a far cry from Ireland which sadly theses days has lost much of its warmness. Tonight gig is in the  Hotel itself it starts off in the restraurant ,to give a sample of the music and then we retire to the underworld, a music venue in the celler.  Its a magic place with a brilliant sound and light set up. the bar staff are very friendly and Luca is soon in full swingCIMG1446

The night soon passes we meet people from France, Germany. italy, etc. The dancers really come to life and its 1.00am.